Agility Sciences created ActiveLedger,
a powerfuldistributed ledger technology

What we do

We are a team of blockchain developers that provides enterprise-grade solutions using proprietary distributed ledger technology.
As the new chain of trust, ActiveLedger can interoperate with any legacy system, scale with transaction volume, and trace the ownership of an asset on a full chain. Find out below about all the DLT support and services that we offer

Products & Services

Active ledger

A permissioned blockchain with strong interoperability, scalability and traceability. Gain a high-level overview of your supply chain today.


Issue your ERC-20 token, or let us customise your Ethereum application.

Bespoke Software Solutions

Use ActiveLedger as the infrastructure base and customise your own application with us. Time-stamp activities and save cost with workflow automation.


Our developer team also specialised in Hyperledger. Learn more about the platform with us.

Request a Demo

If you would like to see a live demo of ActiveLedger,
please send us an email describing your interests and demands at .


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