Agility Sciences created Activeledger,
a powerful distributed ledger technology

What we do

Agility Sciences are blockchain specialists, providing a range of services including Advisory, consultancy and implementation of solutions using Ethereum, Hyperledger, and our proprietary distributed ledger technology: Activeledger.

As the new chain of trust, Activeledger enables traceability and ownership, easy interoperation between legacy system and blockchain solutions, and scalability to handle increases in transaction volume.
Discover more about the services and support that we offer below.


Activeledger Implementation

Activeledger is a proprietary, open source, distributed ledger that allows existing technology stacks to be connected to a ledger or blockchain without needing to completely overhaul existing software. It is highly flexible, easy to use, and scalable. Our team can provide development and implementation support.

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Blockchain Advisory

Our advisors can help you and your team to make the best choices when designing a distributed application. We will advise on the appropriate technology and strategy to use to help you achieve your objectives in the long term.

Professional Services

Agility Sciences provides professional software services focused on blockchain and distributed ledger. Our team can help you architect and build an application that makes full use of distributed ledger technology. Get in touch with us today and find out how you can utilise the benefits of distributed ledger technology.

Blockchain Solution Development

Agility Sciences are blockchain experts. Our in-house experts can help guide you and your team in the development of distributed applications, using Ethereum, Hyperledger, or Activeledger. We specialise in providing integrations between established technology stacks and blockchain technology and creating new applications from the ground up.

Blockchain Consultancy

Agility Sciences team of expert consultants have a range of experience, from technical to business. They will aid you with the implementation of your blockchain solution, from initial design to final implementation. Our team will work alongside you to develop the product you need and if blockchain is not the right fit we will let you know.

Blockchain for Public good

Agility Sciences has worked with partners on research and development projects with the explicit goal of improving public good. This includes research into use cases such as health, identity, tracking, and traceability. This research is being done in collaboration with both public and private sector entities.

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